Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Palmistry Line of Officers

Palmistry For Officers Or Generals&Superior

To find the right way to reach the destination is easy. Similarly, if you have the right choice of career success and individual success on the road to move the kiss moves forward. But when it comes to career choice and often a mistake to sit the election, even after so much conflict remains feel the pain of disappointment and failure.

To avoid this problem, palmistry can help. Hstrekhaon texture of hands and you can know that God will grant you success in what areas.

Film and television career

According to palmistry, if someone is thinking of making a career in acting is so important that emerged Mountain Sun Mountain and Venus have occurred. Sun Mountain is part of the root of the ring finger and thumb Prwatk Venus is called the root portion.

Also note that even gentle fingers and the palm of the hand which bends backwards. Get to the root of the middle finger ring finger length. And fate line is another line crosses. Whose hand is that he has succeeded in acting. Such a person is popular and money-rich.

Make officials such lines

Sun factor of success in the government sector and the government are considered. Sun line is clear and deep in the palm of the person and on the line like Shubha signs triangles, squares or stars is a mark of high rank in the government sector receive. The third knuckle of the little finger, ring finger to reach the root. Tue Mountains or the life out of a line access Sun Mountain is also considered auspicious. Individuals are officials in the government sector.

Success in the field of engineering

Individuals who are thinking of making a career in engineering, they should see that the middle finger to the root of Saturn mountain palm is bulging. The fate line has been stopped at Saturn mountain. Jupiter mountain near the index finger of the palm to be embossed in the field is helpful to make a career.

Success in the medical field

Whose palm Mercury, Tue and Sun Mountain is bulged in the medical field are successful and famous. Pinky finger protruding Tue be many straight lines, and states that the person will be successful in the field of surgery.

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