Sunday, 6 November 2016


American elections are mostly in the survey figures are showing Clinton as the next president. Hillary in debate overshadowed Trump Direct, but the Chinese Monkey King is out of the survey and the forecast is pointing towards the victory of Trump. Now just in terms of the development of Indian astrology look at the things which are coming out that is shocking in itself

Medni astrology expert Sachin Malhotra explains astrological approach both candidates' horoscopes refer to Donald Trump, his opponent Hillary Clinton overshadowed seem l Hillary Clinton born October 26, 1947 at 8 am, the US city of Chicago was was. Libra and Aquarius ascendant born in Clinton's horoscope are several large Raja Yoga. Ascendant Sun, Mercury and Venus Raj of them have very fame. Fifth house lord Saturn and moon changes dashmesh yoga for many years in the field of law to its peak touched in his career. Tue to Sat and Raja Yogkark Sptmesh them to her husband, President Bill Clinton earned the privilege of being the first lady of the US

Now Sun Vinshottri case of Rahu are in the race to become the US President Clinton himself. But the difference amount lowly Sun Dshanath ominous connection is made of 6/8 with Rahu. Rahu conjunction of planets in horoscopes sin Nwansh and tithe their president is showing stumbling

Look at the chart of the Donald Trump is looking for an interesting situation develops. 10 hrs 51 minutes on the morning of January 14, 1946 Born in New York City, Donald Trump's horoscope is very interesting. Leo and Scorpio ascendant in the horoscope Trump was born on the full moon during total lunar eclipse. Total eclipse of the moon on Tue vision made him the king of real-estate on the one hand and on the other a hysterical personality then provided

Tue-running case of Rahu Vinshottri now Donald Trump's presidential prospects are looking good

Rahu in the tenth house of his horoscope in the state with the power of the sun is visible from the master. Tue Yogkark sitting in the ascendant Antrdsha Nath. Tue Nwansh in coil and the strong position of Rahu is showing his winning chance

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