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Palmistry for Vehicle

Palmistry For Vehicle

So get the lines on the palm area of the vehicle and physical comfort

The fate of each person is born with closed fists. Someone from your luck house, car and all means of physical pleasures are received is a life-long yearn for these pleasures.

Sometimes looking at other vehicle and bungalows in the heart weary c arises. Seeing palms seem to think that our fate in God forgot to write that well.

To read the articles written on the palm of God's creation Smudrashastr treatise called sea of sage. In this scripture has told us that the good effects of Venus meets the physical and vehicle comfort.

Venus is in the palm of the hand under the thumb position. The place to be in the upward vertical straight lines is good. There are signs that the vehicle will have on hand.
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Palmistry for women problems

Seeing these lines will know the secret of gynecology

Smudrasstr mentioned in the Venus mountain spider web sign be auspicious symbol pays off. It is a mark whose hand are quite romantic. Means of individual vehicles and receive physical pleasure.

Venus mountain stood on the starting line is a line the brain it suggests that after the age of 35 will grow in happiness and splendor.

Venus mountain starting line meets the fate line, it should indicate that the laws of association or with the help of a person of the opposite sex and all other means would give rise to life.

Whose palm near the wrist in a straight line starting from the middle reaches of the mountain, he sat down, or are very lucky. The perfect home for such a person, vehicle and each of the rooms are provided.

Whose lifeline or both at the beginning or end of the mole is a mark on them Lakshmi is pleased. A person with physical pleasures vehicle and enjoys life. Lotus in hand anywhere, check and sign the fish is considered to be the best.


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