Saturday, 26 September 2015

Palmistry for women problems

Seeing these lines will know the secret of gynecology

Women's health is a subject of menstruation. This irregularity has the opposite effect on the health of women and their irritability, back pain, insomnia, anemia and problems occur, such as mental stress.

Palmistry, and the hands of a few such lines have been mentioned conditions it is understandable that seeing what women Anymit menstrual discomfort may occur.

Palmistry says that women who have a cross on the field or in the palm of mars mars down the mountain and more strict or more soft hands of such women, menstrual discomfort. In this case, women may complain of back pain and blood loss.

Women who have broken the line and in the palm mars mars mountain is crushed over the menstrual pains. There is lifeline palm torn over who cut them must be facing this kind of problem.

According to palmistry, women who are hardened palm and palm lines are rare in the life of the two hands are straight face they have menstrual Anymitta.


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