Saturday, 26 September 2015

Mole in palm


In palmistry, palm and on other parts of the body like Mole and other traces of the fruit has been reported.

Some scars are fruitful and Mole, so good, but some are considered unlucky. The signs are a thing of the Mole and the other which are not good.

Tue at two locations in the palm of Smudrashastr effect. First Venus and Jupiter mountain is the mountain area between the following Tue Tue says. Second Moon and Mercury mountain area above the little finger called the upward Tue.

Tue accident factor is considered the planet. Smudrashastr says in the palm of the person is following the trail of the mole on Tue should always avoid exposure. These road accidents, shock, fear of fire remains.

Smudrashastr also says that both mars place is not good to be anywhere traces of Mole. The train, bus, plane crash face. When the sign of the cross on Tue location gives blood disease. Such a person quickly become excited.

See fig 1
mars zero mark on the mountain in the palm of the person is made to suffer because of the wound face. mars mental trouble is following the trail of the moon. Such a person may be mentally ill.

Area  of mars  region is 1 
mars  Smudrashastr the black spot on the mountain is considered to be a sign of malignant disease. While the red smear on mars person suffering from fever suffers. mars mountain unhide is not considered auspicious signs.

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