Sunday, 27 September 2015

Palmistry for children

How many children would you like to know?

If you want to know how many children you have or not have children, you will find happiness. Kids are talented or by crook, it's all you can see your palm itself.

Smudrashastr was informed that the palm vertical lines visible under the little finger and thumb near the Venus mountain lines which are too small, they are seen as children line.

It is believed that the child line is clear and clean, thin and light lines, while the son child shows female children reflect.

According to some books on palmistry such lines would also mean that the child may be physically weak.

According to palmistry, the Mercury mountain whose palm is clearly more protruding and children line four sons and three female children are likely to be. Children of such a person are cultured and virtuous.

Venus in the mountain under whose palm bottom of the thumb is the more embossed them is likely to be a child.

A child whose palm a clear line and are more pronounced than the other child is a child and they get pleasure from the special attachment.

In the palm of a man is not clear line so children do not need to worry. Such persons should see the line progeny in the palm of his wife. It is believed that the child line is more pronounced in men than in women's hands.

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