Monday, 28 September 2015

Palmistry for illicit relationship

If such is the fate line damage caused by illegal connection

Destiny is not in line hand in the life after struggling to get success in life. But fate in the palm line and cut a line if it makes it more difficult.

Volatility in the life of the face. Smudrashastr of both sides in the palm of a hand, Fate line breaking out Aekha it suggests that people should be wary of enemies otherwise cause damage. It also enhances the position of family discord and strife.

Fate line breaking out from a line of thumb, it is a sign that the person concerned may be illegal and lust sits trapped in their loss. The funding and business sense to someone who works in the loss. Obstacles to the advancement of the face.

Whose palm from wrist to the bottom of the middle finger that comes straight line are very lucky. In contrast, swinging palm fate line is not considered auspicious. These business and employment in the face of repeated setbacks. Volatility is to look at life.

Smudrashastr has told us that the fate of the heart line, the line would not stay here on a person's face failure in love. Love love affair sits trapped in a man losing his career. Brain arrest came on the line, destiny line signals that the person may be lost due to a wrong decision will hamper progress.
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