Monday, 28 September 2015

Palmistry to know women features

Palmistry  for Women Features

The lines of the hand are interested in knowing the status of luck and wealth but these things do not just tell the lines of the hand. You can see the lines of the hand that person know what strengths. You also have certain qualities that women can learn.

Mercury in palmistry knowledge, intellectual capability, and is considered the factor of speech. Mercury in the palm of the place has been considered under the little finger. Treading a line of thumb when it comes to women in the Mercury area is considered perfect. Such women are very intelligent and eloquent speech and respect in the society and family and receive exclusive location.

Smudrashastr stated that women who Venus in the palm of a line that comes out of the mount to the Mercury mountain stays in social work. Women participate in politics proactive. They get high rank and honor.

He is a scholar in the palm of men who are ley. Math, science, singing and achievements in the field of literature do. People singing, painting and writing can make money from.

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