Friday, 25 September 2015

Palm's line opens a secret

Palmistry lines drawn in the palm of one's fortune, wealth and the many secrets of life can be known. But often people hear about their fate and the riches of palm do not try to learn about other lines. Such a line is greater than the riches and fortune mystery unfolds. Let's see what this line and what it says about you.


  • World gold, silver is too expensive told health funds. If your health will not be good despite the wealth you will not find their happiness. Take, for example, funds are diabetic, he can not eat sweets. So any line before knowing the health line and look Know how about your health, what disease you may suffer

  • Health Line Islands in the palm of the person ends up as the chest and lung-related diseases is expected to

  • According to palmistry, the health line is an oblique cut, then people should be more careful here. Such a person is exposed to severe accident.

  • Yellow line in the palm of the person is the health risk of disease is the secret.

  • Wavy line in the palm of a person's health and is strong Tue of the intestine disease, appendicitis, ulcers is likely to be.

  • According to palmistry, whose palm lifeline line coming out of the health or life of the touch line and the line on health have made ominous sign of the star is fruitful. Travel time and such a person should be cautious while driving, because the death of a person is likely to be during the visit.

  • Whose hand any other auxiliary line with the health line is moving his health remains good. There are no sick person soon. They also are less likely to have severe disease.

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