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Schizophrenia is a serious disorder which affects how a person thinks, feels and acts The disease in people aged 15 to 35 years old is the highest and women and men, rich and poor, young and old, there is no one untouched . Someone with schizophrenia may have difficulty distinguishing between what is real and what is imaginar  person with schizophrenia is lost in his own thoughts His mind does not think in any job, nor is it like to interact with people. He sees everyone skeptical. As if everyone is conspiring against him He has to hear voices such strange and scary, horror is seen shadows And he is driven to violence and suicide. The patient becomes indifferent to themselves, even if he does not do routine work.Studies have found that one of the parents on the disease to their child having this disease fears 15 to 20 per cent, whereas both parents to the disease, the child can be up to 60 percent risk of having this disease.One of the twins on the other child having this disease, it is 100 percent chance of illness.Especially at a young age with schizophrenia disease usually begins at the age of 15-16 years. In some people the disease is growing faster and is severe

schizophrenia ia a palmistry 

This is a palm of a person who is suffring from schizophernia its clearly indicated that his mind line(3)
has long its mean person have a good mind and he also  have a great imagination but there is a island made pattern in a palm which means person has no control over his mind and they are a day dreamer now look at zic zac & chain like formation in a heart line its mean this person is also suffer from Anxiety and Panic disorder and anxiety disorder is also a main causes for schizophrenia study says if a person has anxiety disorder more than 6 month is great cause for schizophernia now check life line(4) its island made pattern reveals that person sees problem in this age(7)15-25 (8) upto45 there is also a cross pattern in moon area (5) moon represent thought process there is a cross which means person hear voices and there is illusion in his mind because his moon is not clear and also very important sign is cross pattern in saturn area(6) saturn denotes with always problem& disease its mean his problem is not solve early

(1) finger represent sun if there is a cross below sun area (3)  or island made pattern which means person have a injury in a head or he suffer from any mental disorder if there is extra line in left of life line(6) represent a life support (5) island made below thumb represent person nerves is poor and he suffer from nervous disorder or BP&diabetes


There is a very simple and very effective remedy in Gemstone Astrology they take usually 7 and 10 days to work in a body and balancing the body energies

For schizophernia patient we give our gem and one band which you wear in a right hand upon wrist
and you feel drastic change in body and after 7 & 10 days you feel better and more better and balancing the mind


  • gem wear in a little finger made in a gold ring and worne in wednesday
  • person give his name who is suffering from these disease in a shipping adress
  • band should always wear in a right hand (upper wrist)

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