Saturday, 12 November 2016

Palmistry for Anxiety and Panic Disorder

Most of the people are now suffring from panic disorder and anxiety now a days people take unnecessary axiety for Small issues which leads to most of the dangerous diseases like Dibetese BP and all other major disease created from this 

Palms for anxiety disorder & panic disorder patient

people who have cross zic zac pattern like this has Grave Anxiety and panic disorder people who have this pattern always felling insecure and feerfull they take unnecessary tensions  daily for day to day activity
they have low concentration lack of  emotions in major moments of life 
they also have a sweat in a palm or legs and these people also have a short life and they likely to prone major disease than others


This stone is best remedy who suffer from panic disorder and anxiety this stone has a energy which make person calm and also leads to cool mind and good thoughts they also capable for fighting depression and sucidal thoughts this stone make in a Gold ring and wear in Tuesday evening


(A person who wear this ring give thier name in a shipping adress we energise this stone only for that person who has name in a shipping adress)

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