Thursday, 17 September 2015

Palmistry for Paralysis


Star on Mount of Saturn  (line 3 in fig is mount of saturn)

  • a star was prediction of incurable disease; this was confirmed if it was also found in the saturn mount girdle, it could as well depict that one was to get paralyzed

  • This is common feature in the hands of dangerous criminals facing execution or equal penalty. Please do not be alarmed when reading this because the predictions were given before modern medicine and different laws

  • These people can commit suicide and can even get into dangerous, wrong, or illegal activities like cheating, bullying, robbery, etc. 

  • If the mount of Saturn is too small, then the owner may lack a sense of responsibility, disorganized, flighty, superficial and a lack of self-reflection.

  • A missing mount of Saturn is considered better than having a badly 

  • A star like symbol on any mount is considered a good symbol so is the case with the mount of Saturn. It brings success and recognition. On the other hand it can also a lot of opposition from the enemies can be expected 

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