Friday, 11 September 2015

Horoscope For 2016


You will get success in every aspect of life whether it may  finance, education or honour. You have to take care of your health as Saturn is in your eighth house. 2016 will prove to be very beneficial for aries, especially first six months are really good Last six months of 2016 may bring some difficulties so take extra care & precautions while taking important decisions. Children issues can also bother you so stay calm & have patience as with love and patience, nothing is impossible. Financially this year 2016 will be marked with unnecessary expenses that will result in very less savings. As per the health is concerned, people born under this sign has to take special care of their diet as too much depending on spicy and oily food can take a toll on their health. Obesity, heart diseases, blood pressure and cholesterol are some of the health complaints that generally mark the lives of people born under this sign


You can expect some positive results in the beginning of 2016 but after that financial & social disturbance may arise. This year will be good one from financial point of view as source of income will be impressive, expenses can be controlled if tried hard and savings too will be good Mixed results can be seen for taurus  in the year 2016 However, care has to be taken in case of love marriages as some complications cannot be totally ruled out this year 2016. Kanya rashi and Mesha rashi can be thought of as good Vrishabha Rashi match. Try to make harmony at home & with your spouse also . Work hard in the direction of making life stable. You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind. Heath issues may arise and tendency to over-eat has to be controlled or several heath complaints will arise. Travelling opportunities and scopes, both domestic and international, are plenty this year 2016.


You can expect some positive results in the beginning of 2016 but after that financial & social disturbance may arise. Financially a control on the strings of their purse has to be ensured or savings will be really disappointing. Unnecessary waste of money on gadgets, electronics and as such has to be avoided by people with Mithun rashi or else financial issues might arise for over spending. . If you are working in partnership then its time to wake up as financial losses can disturb your peace of mind. Try to make harmony at home & with your spouse also .This year marriage prospects will be plenty and the alignment of stars indicate possibilities of happy marriage. You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind. Travelling and good heath also ensured.


. I recommend to be cautious in financial & business matters. Your mind may get diverted sometimes. Men and women with this sign are always emotionally very delicate and are quite sensitive from emotional point of view. This year they have to be strong as a few challenges to their personal life and family can unexpedly arise which will disturb the general atmosphere of their lives. Leaving first month aside the whole year of 2016 will bring  full of ups & downs as raahu is coming to 2nd house, Ketu in 8th house & saturn will be in 5th house . Be careful in education, health and anything related to your mind & intelligence. Marriage prospects are present but complications will be witnessed and Meena rashi, Brishba rashi can be suitable Kark rashi match. Kark rashifal 2016 suggest that art, music, drama, architectural fields will be most beneficiary to the people of this rashi and also scopes to prosper in the career fields will come along timely. Travelling sopes are plenty and will do good to the heath of the people, care has to be taken to avoid sea voyages and or travelling to places nearby water bodies.


Financially this year will be good with good savings and controlled spending but here also over-indulging in luxury can cause financial hardships towards the middle of the year 2016. Year 2016 will prove to be very auspicious for Leo Ascendants  unless & until Rahu comes to Lagna it will effect your thought process . You will find slight inclination towards negativity &  atheism so be careful. Saturn in Fourth house & coming of rahu in lagna will affect your health, specially when sun will be in sixth , eighth & twelve  house. Dominating tendency and an intention to do fake emotional dramas should be avoided by people born under this rashi, as this year 2016 can bring great family issues for these things. For maintaining peace and harmony in personal lives, people as per Singh rashi 2016 should exercise some compassion, respect to other’s views and choice as well as control their dominating impulses Be cautious while handling family matters. Remember “Family is not an important thing, it’s everything.” Marriage prospects are present and people born under the sign of Dhanush rashi, Makar rashi and Brishba rashi etc an proved to be ideal Singha rashi match to these people.


This year you will be free from all loans & tensions. Kanya rashifal 2016 shows very good scope for starting a new business or joining a better company that will help boosting income along with providing satisfactory job environment. To some extent the year 2016 will be beneficial for Virgo. Stars are giving strong indication of celebration in family.Brishba , Meena, Karkata and Kumbha rashi can be considered as good and satisfying Kanya rashi match if there is a plan to tie the knot this year. Scopes for doing arrange marriage will knock the door and also will bring good fortune. Marriage bells are ringing for singles in the first half of the year 2016. Successful year for competitors & studentsbut love marriage will be marked with some compilations. Health will be good.


More quality time with family needs to be spent than enjoying with friends if peace and harmony is to be ensured at home. Year 2016 will bring lots of ups & downs for Libra in terms of finance Some really good & beneficial opportunities will come to improve & strong your financial condition but control over bad temperament is required to  grab good results from opportunities. Remember There are no secrets to success rather it is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure Married life will face too much complications if intimacy lacks and a tendency to be as light-hearted as wind is displayed by people born under this rashi. Dhanush rashi, Mithun Rashi, Makar rashi et are some examples of Tula rashi match as these rashi people will be able to understand their mindset and nature of people with Tula rashi better than anyone else. ula rashifal 2016 indicates serious decisions have to be made and careful spending and investments of money has to be ensured or else nothing will be left to procure essential items. Residential properties should be invested on as people with no house of their own will find this year a satisfying one. Heath will be average.


 According to me you have to  keep control on overtures and wrath otherwise this year  will bring troubles for you  Vrishchika rashi 2016 points to a happy and continued to be professional life where your hard work complimented with smartness, sincerity and devotion will bring you good fortune and reputation. . In your lagna , fourth house & in tenth house Saturn, Ketu & rahu are positioned, indicating disturbance in family matters, disputes with elders and seniors. Financially too this year has loads to offer you but just take care of the fact that your tendency to over spend on fashion accessories and personal care does not tolls on your savings much. Love is in the air and also marriage prospets are severe this year. Meen rashi, Vrishba rashi, Makar rashi can be opted for as they prove to be good Vrishchik rashi match. Further, it is a good year to do family planning for married couples. . Shani Sade Sati is at its height so have patience as Patience and Perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. Health will be good in general but periodic medical checkups are suggested to keep going in the pink of health. On an overall basis this rashi people will have very good year.


2016 indicates to some accidents and mishaps to people born under this fire sign called Dhanush. Very bright chances of foreign tour for Sagittarians in the year 2016  &  great opportunities are coming for  those who are already staying away from their ancestral place. You may be an ardent adventure seeker but in order to ensure better life and far more satisfying future, try to resist your adrenaline rush to some extent or else result will be dangerous. .  Second half of the year will bring a lot of appreciation & honour. Financially this year indicates to mixed results where income will be good but failing to save adequately can result in financial annoyances. . Stars are showing strong indication of loss from lottery or betting so advisable to stay away. There is no such thing as accident; it is fate misnamed. Try resisting impulses in this matter. Heath will be good but relying heavily on fast food can cause health complaints. Try to avail protection from cold. Travelling scopes are good.Marriage proposals will be received but make sue to thoroughly inspect before finally committing to anyone.Makar rashi, Mesh rashi, Mithun rashi are believed to be best as Dhanus Rashi match.


Almost the entire year you will have ketu in second house , rahu in eighth house & saturn in eleventh house  due to this you will definitely get good return of your hard work Career will be marked with perks, promotions and reputations, however, your team work spirit has to be rejuvenated and leadership skills sharpened even more than before. With passage of time your career field will be challenged with several issues and challenges that will require your skills to work harmoniously with team and offer help at times. increase your unforeseen expenses resulting financial imbalance.  Mental disturbance from children may also come so stay calm & have tight control over unnecessary expenditures. Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship Try spending quality time with your dear and near one as otherwise you run the risk of divorce this year. et generally is considered to be suitable Makara Rashi match. Health too will suffer and high blood pressure along with other stress related diseases are not uncommon


Career will be good this year but you need to work harder and try resisting your need to have rest periods more than what is normal. Disturbance at work place, disputes with business partner or colleague & tension in marital life may arise. you may face failure in love life too Keep working hard and do what is righ as then only you will get all your dreams come true this year 2016. Kumbh Rashifal 2016 indicates that you will be able to have a strict control over the string of your purse but do take care when you decide to spend as most often then you fail to limit your expenses. Advisable to lead  easy & balanced life. It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work ,friends and family Savings will be good but try not to tax on them heavily on unwanted luxuries. Brishba rashi, Kanya rashi will be good for you if you want to have serious relationships Kumbha Rashi match. Travelling scopes are there and heath will be medium with special care to female diseases.


Fate will not support you much even then you will get constant flow of money throughout the year 2016. Interest towards religious work may arise. Take extra care of your health in the first half of the year Your imagination skills are impressive but failing to imply them into real worl and practical things can give you nothing but annoyance, frustrations and complete failure. you will enjoy good health , family life ,status & honour in society. Meen Rashifal 2016 indicates that your career as photographer, artist, fashion designers, movie directors and florist are sure to prosper if you work both hardly and smarty in these fields. . Remember the most happy man is he who knows how to bring into relation the end & beginning of his life. Try resisting being overly emotional as then it will be used as weapons to hurt your feeling by your own closed ones. Vrishchik rashi, Karkat rashi, Makar rashi etc are some good Meena Rashi match as per Vedic astrology. Stress, anxiety, nervous disorder and emotional trauma might cause your bad health this year but doing some meditation,

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