Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Good Tips For Home


HOME is a place where we want to get back after a hard day of a work and spend time with family and frinds. Getting back home from work is perhaps the best movement of the day for many of us.

In this blogger we will tell you about simple vastu tips that you can do the make your home more auspicious and give better vipes. The tips that we make inexpensive and you can do these easily and make the place you stay more peaceful and lucky for you

Vaastu Good Luck Tips for Home

The first thing that many of us have been doing for years is to keep a horse shoe at the main entrance. It is considered to bring in good luck and keep the evil spirits away. That is why it is kept at the main entrance. It is followed across the world. Blue eye (the picture is enclosed) can be kept in the house this too keeps the evil spirits away and gives the house a positive vibe.

Laughing buddha

A Laughing Buddha is easily available in different stores in different sizes and shapes. It brings in happiness and prosperity to the house. However,it should not face the door. If it does then it will take away happiness from the house. Wind chimes are something that we all like to buy and keep in our house. The soothing sound of the chime gives positive vibes to the house and keeps the atmosphere peaceful.

Horse shoe

Horse shoe is very intersing gadget in vastu. Horse a horse is a very powerfull animal in which they is full of potential and energy and they are widely used in many hindus family because of keep making of good sorce of energies and making keep away bad and evil energies. horse shoe put on the main door on upper side and fix with nikel or a metal thing.

Crystal Tortois

A crystal tortoise is a peace of beauty. However, it is believed to bring in a lot of luck and positive vibes to the house. You can place it a corner that does not face the main entrance. It can make significant changes to the financial position of our household. You can also keep it in the office and see the difference it can make.

Good luck plant

We all have heard of this. I am enclosing the picture for those who don’t know much about it. These are also easily available at stores and can be maintained easily. All you need to do is just keep changing the water on daily basis. The plant will keep growing and as the name suggests it will bring in good luck to you and your family. Many people do believe that money plant can bring  luck to the house. However, let me tell you that keeping a money plant in the house can bring in a lot of negative vibes.

Lord Ganesha

As per Hindu culture the idol of Lord Ganesh and Lakshmi are essential for any household. Ganesh is called as Siddhi Vinayak. Any new start must be done with his blessings. Also commonly known as the Elephant God, an image is enclosed for all those who want to know how it looks. Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth. An idol of her again should never face the exit of the house. Keeping this idol can bring in wealth to the house.
These are some tips that you can easily follow to make the home you stay more peaceful and enjoy a good living. Hope you will be able to find some luck with these.

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