Saturday, 1 February 2014

Palmistry for marriage

palmistry For Marriage

Smudrashastr was informed that the little finger in the palm of the mountain is the location of the Mercury. Mercury at the end of the mountain are some cross-deeper lines. It's called marriage lines. Individual assessment of the courtship and marriage are based on the texture of the line. This line is so clear and obvious that the better marriage

Hand in hand line in Science stated that there is a horizontal line as Mercury mountain person can equally love affair. The idea is vague and ambiguous lines. It is clear the line and the longest line is supposed to marry her. Other lines are considered as a love affair. If the cut line broken marriage or dissolution of marriage is likely. In the case of second marriages also are likely

How about marriage is also the Rekhase. If the line sloping downward couples enough trouble in life comes. Early marriage in line if the two branches of the person's marriage is possible. 

A woman's hand in marriage is the mark of the island at the beginning of the line, his marriage is fraudulent.

If the wedding ring down line by line the sun if that person is married to a superior person


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